Servcor International Roofing Contract Lawsuit Press Release
Servcor International Roofing Contract Lawsuit Press Release

Publicizing a botched contract.

A roofing industry consultant filed suit against a well-known international conglomerate when the consulting company was shut-out of a lucrative government contract.  We publicized the lawsuit in a news release detailing the alleged breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, negligence, conspiracy, and fraud and unfair trade practices.

We arranged for online-hosting of the lawsuit for easy download by journalists and other interested parties as well as drafted a detailed news release about the complicated and intricate case.  We worked closely with the plaintiff and their counsel to ensure the release was brief, easy-to-read and accurate.  Our custom distribution list included local outlets as well as influential trade publications.

Local and Business Media Coverage

The lawsuit was covered by a major daily newspaper in the plaintiff’s home market as well as several local business publications.

National Media Coverage

In addition, the release was published extensively online on websites serving the roofing industry as well as websites for CNBC, Forbes and Fox Business among others.

The plaintiff specifically wanted to publicize the case in advance of an important industry trade show.  We worked quickly and were able to distribute the press release in time, so that after the event, the client confided that the lawsuit was the “talk of the conference.”

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