With more than 20 years of experience publicizing lawsuits, legal cases, trials, verdicts and settlements, the principals of LawsuitPressRelease.com help move your case into the court of public opinion.

What We Do

We create a customized news release which accurately and cogently summarizes your case and distribute it to top media outlets nationally and in your home market for a flat, onetime fee.

Release Distribution

News releases distributed by Us also trigger Google News Alerts for key phrases, names and branded terms, so your new release will be seen by investors, stockholders, analysts, customers and other parties.

Who We Are

Legal PR, Public Relations & Press Release Distribution

LawsuitPressRelease.com helps you win your case in the court of public opinion. We write news releases for your review and approval and distribute your news to target media lists, tailored to reporters and editors who cover legal matters. We reach local, regional and national media for a fixed price and go beyond traditional distribution services. We guarantee placement on well- regarded news sites, ensuring that your news reaches the "court of public opinion." Call us toll- free today at 888-859-6637.

If you would like to review a few case studies and real world examples of how a proactive Public Relations & Press Release strategy can help you win your case in the "court of public opinion" please click here. You can learn more about our process and how we work by clicking here.

Outline of Our Process


We will review the complaint and existing information pertaining to the case thoroughly. Following this review, we will arrange a telephone or zoom conference to discuss the specifics and particulars of the case in detail.


Draft a 400-word news release for your review outlining the complaint and the case, including quotes from the attorney or principal and Develop a media list including appropriate courts reporters, trade outlets and journalists who cover the industry, market, etc.

Distribution & Monitoring

Host a scanned or PDF copy of the complaint/order/legal document on our site and Distribute the news release to the media list to Track media coverage

Why Use a Press Release?

Press releases are vital for businesses to announce important news and developments. They help build brand awareness by distributing information through media channels, reaching journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Press releases enhance credibility by providing transparent updates on company activities and initiatives, shaping public perception and driving engagement.
  • 1

    Publicize your win and generate some buzz.

    Spread news of your success, creating excitement and interest among the public and potential clients, showcasing your accomplishments and expertise.

  • 2

    Make your name and your law firm’s familiar to the media

    Establish your presence and reputation within the media landscape, increasing recognition and credibility for your firm and its attorneys.

  • 3

    Put pressure on the opposition and foster settlement talks

    Utilize press releases to signal strength and resolve, encouraging opposing parties to consider settlement negotiations and potentially expedite resolution.

  • 4

    Put pressure on the judiciary

    Bring attention to legal matters, urging judicial awareness and potentially influencing outcomes or expediting proceedings through increased public scrutiny.

  • 5

    Shine light on contract disputes

    Highlight conflicts surrounding contracts, raising awareness and potentially encouraging resolution through public exposure and scrutiny.

  • 6

    Publicize bid disputes

    Disseminate information regarding contentious bidding processes, shedding light on disputes and potentially influencing stakeholders or regulatory bodies involved.

  • 7

    Announce a class-action lawsuit

    Disseminate information regarding contentious bidding processes, shedding light on disputes and potentially influencing stakeholders or regulatory bodies involved.

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