Use public relations and Lawsuit Press Release to get more cases.

Lawsuit Press Release offers attorneys a quick and easy platform to promote new filings, case wins and settlements so that they can market their services to potential clients.

Promote Your Niche or Area of Expertise.

Lawsuit Press Release distributes news releases about your case to media outlets within your geographic market and to journalists that cover your practice area. It offers an effective means to inform potential clients know about your current cases and the areas in which you have expertise.

Cost-Effective and Project-Based.

Lawsuit Press Release offers a cost effective means to add public relations and media relations activities into an attorney’s or law firm’s marketing mix. Hiring a full-time legal public relations professional can be costly. Lawsuit Press Release focuses on single cases that are newsworthy and enables attorneys to secure public relations and media relations benefit on a project basis.

Build Business and Make Some Rain.

Cases drive the law firm economic engine. When attorneys are not trying them or settling them, they need to be working on getting more of them. Lawsuit Press Release distributes your news via well-established news wire services that have content agreements with major news outlets. Your lawsuit, verdict, settlement or win will appear on top news websites, guaranteed. Your legal expertise will be showcased and easily searchable online.

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