Frequently Asked Questions

We have seen cases that settled within hours of news reports being published. It happens frequently and it adds another dimension to the case. It puts public pressure on the defendant and forces the opposition to develop its own media strategy. Every case is different, but we believe publicity can absolutely foster settlement talks.
We have worked in markets across the United States, from sea to shining sea. We identify media outlets in your home market using our proprietary database and then go the next step of picking up the phone and calling those outlets so that we have up-to-date contact information for journalists, editors and television reporters. We regularly secure coverage in markets as large as New York and Los Angeles, but also in small towns in rural areas.
We are very familiar with deadline pressure because many of our assignments are time-sensitive, so we can develop and distribute a news release in a few hours. We prefer to develop a thorough strategy which still only requires a few days.
Once your release is distributed, you can expect nearly instantaneous results online. Original stories from traditional news outlets are often published within a few days. We guarantee online results and have an excellent track record securing additional coverage.
We have worked on legal cases that truly cover the gamut. Labor disputes, employment litigation, cruise line cases, personal injury, brain injury, criminal tax, white collar crime defense, defective products, premises liability, medical malpractice, and many others.

Questions You Should Ask

If your case involves a product or situation that impacted a large number of people, then publicity provides a service to victims, or those who didn’t even know they were victims. Often, you can get additional clients by publicizing your case.
Publicity often puts pressure on the opposition and helps foster settlement talks. It can also put pressure on the judiciary. As one client recently told me, judges pay closer attention to a case when they know a reporter or camera is in the courtroom.
Frequently, attorneys are so focused on their case that they overlook the marketing opportunity that a case presents. They decide to publicize a case at its conclusion……and oftentimes they miss the window of opportunity for news coverage. We take over this responsibility and handle the publicity activity on their behalf.

Because a lawsuit is a public document, there is always a possibility that a journalist will discover it and publicize it; but we know that some cases are better handled quietly. We regularly have this discussion with our clients and would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of publicity with you.