Claims Malicious Prosecution and Insurance Industry Conspiracy with the Government

NEW YORK (March 2, 2015) — New York physician Dr. Mark Shapiro recently filed a $100 million malicious prosecution lawsuit alleging a far-reaching conspiracy among insurance companies and the government.  The lawsuit, filed by the Davidoff Law Firm, alleges organized efforts to prosecute citizens without due process and systematically violate privacy laws.  Included among the defendants: Daniel Sachs Goldman, the U.S. Attorney for New York, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Rivkin Radler law firm and well-known insurance companies Farmers, Geico, Travelers and State Farm.

The lawsuit centers on allegations of corruption within the insurance industry’s investigations, false arrest and malicious prosecution of Dr. Shapiro.   The complaint claims that Dr. Shapiro was wrongfully indicted based upon fabricated evidence and false accusations.  After a nearly two year legal battle, all of the charges against Dr. Shapiro were dismissed, which Dr. Shapiro claims destroyed his life and professional reputation beyond repair.

“Dr. Shapiro’s complaint alleges that the government stood before the court and made false allegations about him for the sole purpose to sustain and perpetuate the meritless indictment,” said attorney Glen Kendall.  “The government knew all along that it did not have any evidence to support the charges, but the government refused to consider this until the eve of trial.”

“Dr. Shapiro’s story is a perfect example of malicious prosecution,” said attorney Jonathan Davidoff.

Yet, more surprising was the information uncovered during the discovery process.  According to the complaint, the investigation uncovered that law enforcement and the NICB create and share massive databases that can include the personal and medical information of any individual that has ever made an insurance claim no matter how small, as well as real-time sharing of license plate information for potentially any vehicle.  The complaint goes on to allege that law enforcement is used as a tool by the insurance industry to arrest, indict and prosecute targeted doctors and others to maximize insurance companies’ profits.

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