Exploration Products Willfully Sold Globally in Violation of FairfieldNodal Intellectual Property

SUGAR LAND, Texas (Oct. 23, 2014) – FairfieldNodal, a leading designer and manufacturer of seismic surveying and exploration systems, recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Wireless Seismic Inc. in the U.S. Eastern District Court in Texas, claiming that Wireless Seismic is selling products that violate four Fairfield Nodal patents for transmitting seismic data .  Another patent infringement lawsuit was also filed this week against Wireless Seismic and its Chinese distributor for the violation of its patent in a court in the People’s Republic of China. FairfieldNodal has full faith in the Chinese court on protecting FairfieldNodal’s IP rights in accordance with the PRC laws.

FairfieldNodal is a full-service geophysical services company known for the development and use of advanced nodal technology for seismic data acquisition and data processing.  The company provides the oil and gas industry with risk-reducing solutions to solve challenging exploration and production problems.  FairfieldNodal ZLand true cable-free seismic nodes provide trouble-free performance in any environment, even urban areas, mountains, farmlands, dense jungles, deserts and arctic regions.

The Texas lawsuit claims that Wireless Seismic’s products, known as the RT 1000 and/or the RT System 2, are being offered and sold in violation of four FairfieldNodal patents and that Wireless Seismic has known about the infringements since 2012.  The Texas lawsuit seeks a jury trial, a permanent injunction enjoining Wireless Seismic from further infringement and treble damages for willful infringement, among other forms of legal relief.

Roger Keyte, FairfieldNodal senior vice president, said:  “Wireless Seismic has ongoing activities which infringe our intellectual property rights, and Wireless Seismic is profiting from our technology and selling products in multiple locations worldwide that are based on our proprietary innovations.”

Privately held FairfieldNodal is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, and offers a full spectrum of true cable-free nodal seismic products and services, from systems design, manufacturing and sales to acquisition, processing and multi-client licensing.  For more information, call 281-275-7500 or visit fairfieldnodal.com.  See Fairfield Industries Incorporated d/b/a FairfieldNodal v. Wireless Seismic, Inc. (Case No. 2:13-cv-903, currently E.D. Texas with transfer to S.D. Texas).  Copies of the Complaint are available for download here and at www.lawsuitpressrelease.com.


Contact: John P. David