TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Feb. 23, 2012 – The State of Florida Capitol Complex will soon be ADA compliant following a settlement between an accessibility advocate and the Florida Department of Management Services.

Denny Wood, president of the Florida Paraplegic Association, filed suit against the State of Florida last year seeking to address non-compliance with ADA accessibility requirements in various facilities, including the Capitol Complex which houses the state legislature, the executive offices of the governor and other state agencies.  Examples of non-compliance include improperly designed restroom facilities and access ramps.

After mediation and extensive settlement discussions, Wood recently agreed with the Florida Department of Management Services on the following actions:

  • DMS will expend $1,178,577 in the current fiscal year to implement accessibility improvements to the state Capitol Complex and approximately 60 buildings under DMS management.
  • DMS will complete ADA surveys in the 60 buildings it manages by October 30, 2012.
  • By May of 2013, DMS will complete ADA Section 504 Transition Plans for each of the 60 buildings.
  • DMS will survey for ADA compliance the remaining buildings under its management by July of 2013.
  • After the surveys are completed, Section 504 Transition Plans will be completed for the remaining buildings by March 2014.
  • DMS will request initiation and completion of ADA surveys and transition plans from other agencies under the governor’s directions by approximately May 7, 2012.
  • DMS will make a good faith effort to adhere to the Florida Capitol Accessibility Study, which describes substantial construction needed to bring the Capitol Complex into compliance with ADA requirements. Furthermore, DMS will request $1 million per year for ADA repairs to be made pursuant to the Florida Capitol Accessibility Study.
  • DMS through its leasing bureau by approximately August 7, 2012 will contact all state agency leasing coordinators advising them to include leasing specifications to require strict compliance with the ADA.
  • Further, DMS will require ADA compliance in any master lease it manages in the future.

Wood was represented by Thomas M. David, a Homestead, Fla.-based attorney.  For further information on this or other ADA cases, contact David at (800) 449-0851 or visit southdadelawyer.com.  A copy of the Wood Settlement is available for download here.



John P. David or Alexis Gray