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A privacy lawsuit repairs a tainted public image.

An employment attorney recently used our services to publicize a case involving a municipal employee who filed a lawsuit alleging violations of privacy rules by her former employer. We drafted a detailed news release and distributed it to a custom list as well as through our state-of-the-art electronic distribution services. We also made follow-up calls to local reporters who we determined would have an interest in the case.

National Media Coverage

Local Media Coverage

A major daily newspaper, a local newspaper that serves the municipality and an influential news blog picked-up the story and published articles on the case, quoting the attorney/our client extensively.

National Media Coverage

The lawsuit press release was also published on Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, CBS Moneywatch,,, Thomson Reuters and dozens of other online websites. We hosted a copy of the lawsuit on our site, and it was downloaded more than 40 times.

Local television stations expressed an interest in the case and covered a court hearing shortly thereafter. Our client was extremely satisfied and vowed to use our services in the future.